Be part of our Pilot Program to pioneer the Universal Repository of Learning!  image

Be part of our Pilot Program to pioneer the Universal Repository of Learning!

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Learn Better. Live Better. The Mindshot Project™

For decades we've researched how the brain works, and we've discovered how the mind learns. Our programs put the keys to unlocking optimal health and wellbeing in your hands. At the Whole Brain Foundation, we help you learn better so you can live better.

The Problem: Learning to change one’s mindset and behavior is a key intervention for preventing and managing chronic disease. Even when health professionals provide the highest quality of preventative care and treatment, results often fall short when people lack access to the knowledge and tools to self-manage their health.

Our Solution: The Whole Brain Foundation has launched the Mindshot Project™ – a bold endeavor to build an accessible and affordable Universal Repository of Learning. This innovative platform will host Personal Lifestyles Skills (PLS) curriculum we’re developing together with the world’s foremost subject matter experts, and transform the world’s best thinking and content to put a powerful tool for managing chronic disease directly into the hands of those who need it most.

Why Us: The Mindshot Project™ is built upon 60+ years of Organizational Behavioral and Cognitive research and experience in Learning Systems Architecture. At the heart of our PLS curriculum is our patent-pending technology, the Whole Brain 3D Conceptual Framework. This innovative approach to lifelong learning for long-term care is practical, proven, and unparalleled.

How You Can Help: When you become a founding member of the The Mindshot Project ™ you are helping to provide access to critical knowledge and information for those who suffer with chronic disease to achieve permanent healthy habits for better living. Join us today!