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Help Build a Visual Representation of the Human Mind as a Digital Prototype

The3DMind is a Framework Tool to Think with Pattern Recognition

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Help Build a Visual Representation of the Mind as a Digital Prototype: The3DMind

Help Build a Visual Representation of the Mind as a Digital Prototype: The3DMind

The Whole Brain Foundation is raising funds to support research on a Framework Tool and Curriculum to Think with Pattern Recognition

On March 21, 2017, 15 people gathered in Cambridge to solidify the framework requirements for a visual representation of the mind as a digital prototype. Progress continued since that gathering, and at a May Day event this month, we celebrated the first Digital Prototype of The3DMind.

Our principal investigator, Hugh O'Donnell, Professor of Painting at the School of Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts at Boston University, and his student, Hyoseok Kahng, helped us build this prototype using Google SketchUp Pro 2017.

We're now turning this visual representation of the workings of the mind into an interactive pattern recognition user interface. It will serve as a connection tool between the brain and body, and between the mind and computer.

To better conceptualize what this means, think how Windows, iPhone, Android, or any other Internet Operating System serves as a hub for other applications, to run on the World Wide Web with applications like Word, Excel, Facebook, Twitter and even Uber. There is little that these hubs cannot do. With the Framework of The3DMind visualized as a city that mirrors the way the brain intuitively works with both language and pattern recognition, people will improve control of their own thinking processes.

Why is this important? The next stage in the development of the digital prototype is to make it interactive, so that we will all be able to explore first-hand the benefits of this tool. Think about it. When we can virtually touch and manipulate it ourselves, then we'll understand the promise of The3DMind for visualizing categories of people and things, for organizing layers of knowledge and imagining next steps in the past, present and future.

Your championing this phase of the project will enable us to solicit grants from foundations and innovative research groups. Corporations will provide opportunities for Demonstration Projects. Our future lies in the inevitable emergence of three-dimensional artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning that is transforming our world. The3DMind will assure that the human brain and body are critical aspects of this augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

What do we need from you? Currently, our start-up expenditures are $3,000 per month. Generous gifts of $10 to $100 or even more $1,000 or even more will help cover these operating expenses and allow us to continue prototype development iteratively to prepare and market proposals for grants and contracts. We are grateful for every contribution you extend during this May and June Campaign. Our giving page is on our website

Please consider a tax-deductible donation by sending a check payable to The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc.


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